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As a select group of teachers who have used the VASE assessments, you now have access to lessons and materials that have been developed by a team of experienced classroom teachers and are founded on the successful Vocabulary INnovations in Education (VINE) project.  The VINE project provides scientific, experimental evidence that developing word consciousness works to enhance students’ vocabulary knowledge, especially for English learners.

The wordlists are all derived from words that experienced classroom teachers identified as likely to be “unfamiliar or conceptually new” for 4th and 5th grade students who are able to converse easily in English but may have weak knowledge of academic English.  The word lists are currently taken from a list of words that occurred at least twice in commonly used Math and Science textbooks.  However, there are many different types of words in the lists including strong verbs, words with multiple meanings and common ELD subjects such as occupations.

During Spring 2013, we will continue to build this site by adding more subjects and topics for your use.  In this phase of the development, we would love to get your feedback regarding ways we might improve the site for other teachers.  In July 2013, we plan to launch the final version of the website, and you will receive additional sign-in information.  If you wish to receive information about this final version, please register below. If you wish to give us feedback, please complete the brief feedback form.

We hope you enjoy exploring this site!

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Judith Scott, Susan L. Flinspach and Jack L. Vevea,  VASE Directors and Principal Investigators

Path Star, VASE Project Manager

Audrey Sirota, VASE Lead Educational Consultant

Kelly Stack & Jim Snook, Instructional Technology and Engineering

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