Lesson Resources


     Word Rating Guide

A Word Rating Guide (WRG) is a quick and easy diagnostic tool for vocabulary instruction.  A Word Rating Guide has been created for each subject.  Used as a pre-unit assessment, the WRG will let you know which words are familiar, somewhat familiar, and unfamiliar to your students prior to instruction. Used as a post-unit assessment, the WRG will let you document word learning as a result of your instruction, and allow you to see if more instruction is needed.   This tool can help differentiate instruction, as you can group students according to their level of background knowledge, or set up additional games and activities for those students who need more exposure to the words and concepts in the unit.

Here is a sample Word Rating Guide.  Please access the Word Rating Guides under Other Materials within each topic.

     Rubric for Non-Fiction Reports

This rubric is useful for helping students expand their vocabulary when writing non-fiction reports

Word Lists with Definitions

A Word list with definitions is an easy way for teachers to keep track of the words taught in a cycle of instruction, and available on the WRG and flash cards
Here is a sample Word List with Definitions.  Please access the Word List with Definitions within each topic.

Flash Cards

There are three different forms of flash cards available within each topic.  They can all be printed off as labels and attached to index cards for use. The flash cards with blank sides are useful for playing games such as concentration, or practicing spelling.  The cards with definitions are useful when one student asks another to provide a definition, example or illustration of the word.  The flash cards with the part of speech are useful for learning and practicing multiple meanings for words. Here is a sample Flash Card with Definitions.  Please access the full list of flash cards each topic.

Word Sort Cards and Templates

Sorting words into categories can help students develop their word analysis skills. These activities are used in several different lessons. Here are sample Word Sort cards and some templates to use for categorization.

Vocabulary Walk Graphic Organizer

This graphic organizer is used with the Vocabulary Walk Lesson to emphasize the meaning of key words in a unit.


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