Extensions: Vocabulary Walk

Follow-Up Focusing on English Learners and Word Learning

Teaching Tip

  • Depending on the size of the class and the number of vocabulary words, the teacher will have to decide how to distribute the work load. More than one student can work on one word. Pairs or trios of students can work as a team. Or more than one student can do the same word so that there are 3 or 4 pages of the same word, but portrayed in different and appealing ways.

Thematic Word Dictionary

1. Students create a classroom book: _______________ Word Dictionary.…          .(Title of Theme/Unit)

2. Each student will create one page. They select one of the vocabulary words and do as much as possible  with the word:

  • provide a definition of the word
  • use it in an interesting, descriptive sentence
  • draw and label an illustration
  • include an interesting fact or comment about the word

3. When all the pages are done, students can make the cover and title page, and all the pages are bound together to form a book.

4. This book is put in a special location so that it can be read and reread as well as referenced throughout the unit and school year.

Vocabulary Walk for Lower grades

1. In this activity, the students would invite younger students to come on the Vocabulary Word Walk. The older students would be the tour guides teaching the younger students about the words in an interactive manner.

2. The older students could read the word, tell the children the definition, and then draw or act out the word if possible. This can even turn into a “Guess My Word” game.

3. The older students could also invite the younger students to read the word and definition and draw or act out the word if possible. The younger students can do this in pairs or small groups.

4. The older students could put on a Two-Minute Vocabulary Play where they use the words within the context of a fictional story. Hopefully, it will be humorous!

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